09 Feb 2015
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5 Ways To Hire For Culture Fit

By lauren On February 9, 2015

5 Ways To Hire For Culture Fit

A common mistake in the business world is when a manager hires a new employee based entirely on the individual's skills and training, ignoring how he or she fits into the company's culture. Hiring someone who is unwilling to work within the team is detrimental to the organization as a whole and can create problems. As a result, an increasing number of managers now hire for culture fit to create a harmonious environment within the workplace.

Here are five ways to hire for culture fit:

1. Have a Plan

Some organizations value character over expertise and training. These companies believe that they can teach skills, but teaching a cultural fit is nearly impossible. Come up with a plan for making your hire based on what you value as an organization. Often times, the perfect candidate is someone who might currently lack the ideal experience and education, but fits in personality-wise.

2. Ask Questions

By coming up with a relevant set of questions, you can see how the candidate would fit with your organization. Ask about the worst cultural experience the candidate has had in the workplace and how he or she dealt with that negativity. Sometimes, employees who have persevered in poor work environments are more adaptable because nothing surprises them. At the same time, learning how the employee dealt with this undesirable workplace culture is important because your company is sure to have occasional conflicts.

3. Remain Skeptical of the Candidate's Responses

Don't take everything that the candidate says as the absolute truth, since different people often have varying interpretations of an event. Instead, look at how the candidate answers questions and whether his or her response fits in with your workplace culture. If the candidate constantly blames managers or co-workers for the problems in a previous workplace, it could be a sign that this individual doesn't accept responsibility when things go wrong.

4. Study Communication Style

Look at the candidate's communication style to see if it's a good fit. Only you know the exact type of communication skills for which you are looking. The interview is the perfect place to evaluate how this individual communicates with you and how he or she would fit in with the rest of the staff.

5. Detail the Company Culture

Before making a hire, go over the company culture with the candidate. It might make sense to put this culture in writing, so that the candidate knows that you are serious about maintaining it. Defining the culture allows you to begin a dialogue with new employees about what is expected of them and what they can expect of their co-workers during their time with the organization.

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