09 Mar 2017
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Elevator Pitch Examples To Boost Your Job Hunt

By TruPath On March 9, 2017

elevator pitch examples

Polishing your elevator pitch will serve you well in all conversational avenues of your life, especially professionally. This commonly used term invites potential job applicants to trim down their skills and experiences to an elevator ride length summary. This means they’re snappy and to-the-point, while still being professional and well-rounded.

Check out some examples below to help you formulate your own.

Elevator Pitch Examples To Boost Your Job Hunt

Are you a student trying to hone your skills and look for relevant work experience? Your pitch might look something like:  

I’m currently studying [your major] at [your college]. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to make the conceptual realistic. I’m interested in securing an entry-level role at a nonprofit that allows me to both teach and develop curricula. Since nonprofit programs are [note about how nonprofits specifically are special to you,] it’s vital for me to pay it forward and help students develop to their potential.

You're trying to convey what it is you do, and what you’re good at: 

I’m currently working as a [your position] at [your company]. My supervisors frequently commend me for being able to consider multiple perspectives and negotiate conflicting ideas. I’m looking for suggestions on how I can further develop my expertise in [skills you emphasize at your current position] because my ultimate goal is to help companies widely cultivate wholly ethical and inclusive workplace cultures.

You're trying to make your personality or personal brand clear: 

I’m a [your career/field] with a knack for [your largest asset.] Considering my colleagues often commend me for my [e.g. engaging presentations,] I’m looking for insight as to how I can best cultivate myself for a purposeful role at a social impact start-up. Since I’m inspired by documentaries, I want to help companies express their mission statements and purposes in compelling and relatable ways in the age of social media.

Are you trying to express your skillsets and talents? Your pitch might sound like this:

My core skills and talents include [whatever yours happen to be.] I’m eternally curious and my conglomerate of friends, family, and colleagues often confide in me and tend to value my advice. I’ve always been exceptionally passionate about social justice, so I’m looking to write for publications, digital or otherwise focused on [specific passion] so that I can create content and campaigns inspiring others to take action and promote sustainability for future generations.

General elevator pitch tips and tricks:

  • Keep it short and sweet. Ideally, it should be under a minute. Be mindful not to speak too quickly in an attempt to fill time or pack in information.
  • Rehearse. Draft a few short pitches, and practice them in front of the mirror, and with family and friends. Also, run through them on your way to networking events or opportunities.
  • While you want to have your pitch rehearsed and memorized, you don’t want to sound robotic or flat. Make sure you’re enthusiastic and genuine each and every time you find yourself giving the little speech.
  • Put some thought into it. Even though it’s short, spend time compiling your relevant work and education experience, as well as any personal experience you want to add.

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