26 Jul 2018

TruPath Places Aerospace Buyer

By Megan McQuade On July 26, 2018

The Client's Need:

TruPath recruiters have worked with this aerospace client for over 7 years...

15 Mar 2018

Employee Spotlight: Meet Darrius Hardrick!

By Lauren Gallagher On March 15, 2018

In our latest installment of "Employee Spotlight" we're talking to TruPath Recruiter Darrius...

22 Feb 2018

Employee Spotlight: Meet Bernard!

By Lauren Gallagher On February 22, 2018

Meet Bernard Nixon! Bernard was recently promoted to Recruiter from our Associate Recruiter...

28 Sep 2017

Dorothy Clicked Her Heels and Found TruPath!

By Lauren Gallagher On September 28, 2017
Dorothy joins us as the newest addition to our recruiting team. We love the personality she...
18 Sep 2017

Employee Spotlight: Meet Robyn Neilson!

By Lauren Gallagher On September 18, 2017
This installment of our Employee Spotlight features Robyn Neilson! Robyn is a near-veteran of...
22 Feb 2017

Employee Spotlight: Meet Austie!

By Lauren Gallagher On February 22, 2017

Austie is one of TruPath’s most tenured employees. A creative at heart, she formerly worked at...