25 Oct 2017
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Top 3 Benefits of Joining SHRMGP

By Megan McQuade On October 25, 2017

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Sometimes, it’s about making connections… Sharing ideas, gaining insight and learning.

Before we discuss 3 benefits of joining SHRMGP, let’s talk about SHRM!

A membership to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has tremendous value for HR professionals. For one, you get discounts to national events such as the SHRM Annual Conference. You also have resources galore at your fingertips: webinars, samples, articles on current topics, etc. SHRM members also have access to resources and discounts to earn the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications.

However, not all attendees are looking for credentials. Many are looking to make local, more intimate connections with like-minded peers and mentors. This is where the local SHRM chapters come into play! Did you know that Arizona has seven local chapters?!

Local Arizona SHRM Chapters:

  1. SHRM of Greater Tucson
  2. Southwest Arizona Human Resource Association
  3. SHRM of Greater Phoenix (SHRMGP)
  4. Central Arizona Human Resource Management Association
  5. Northern Arizona Human Resource Association
  6. Northwest Arizona Human Resource Association
  7. Prescott Area Human Resource Association

3 benefits of joining SHRMGP:

Before I get started, let me just say – you will find similar benefits at the other local chapters too! So, no need to worry if you are not in the Greater Phoenix area.

1. Access to relevant speakers and current content:

As a SHRMGP member, you have access to relevant speakers across the Valley. Because Phoenix is so large, you can attend all-chapter events or area specific ones close to where you work or live.

SHRGP schedules events all across the Valley – West, Central, North, and East. Knowledge-matter experts on relevant topics are scheduled to speak at these different venues throughout the year. Topics are derived from industry trends and member feedback. You can pick and choose what topics are most beneficial to your growth and business. CLICK HERE to view upcoming events.

2. Opportunities to earn recertification credits:

Many HR professionals value earning a credential that designates them a recognized leader in their field. Not to mention, it makes them a valuable asset to any organization. But obtaining a certification is half the battle for an HR professional, maintaining it is the other half!

By attending local programs, local conferences, and webinars, an HR professional can earn HRCI or SHRM credit to maintain his/her credential. Did you know that you can earn credit by volunteering your time too? Joining a committee has multiple benefits!

3. A network of hundreds of local HR professionals:

The world of HR is ever-changing. SHRMGP members have countless opportunities to network with like-minded individuals. Having a network comes in handy as employment laws continue to evolve and change. Sometimes you just need to phone-a-friend!

Networking can be done at network-only events, by attending programs and legislative updates, or by participating on a committee to name a few. For example, SHRMGP has a Mentorship program in which you can participate as a mentee or mentor.

In my opinion, we reviewed the top 3 benefits of joining SHRMGP. But, there are so many more! To learn about membership, visit the SHRMGP website.

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