14 Feb 2015
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Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Company

By lauren On February 14, 2015

Benefits Of Working With A Staffing Company

When you finish school, your first goal is probably to find stable, long-term employment. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible for a variety of reasons. When you find yourself unable to land a job, you might consider working with a professional staffing company. In this situation, you will gain experience in a number of different industries, while earning a paycheck each and every week.

Here are some staffing company benefits and why you should consider working with one:

Health Benefits

Although you work at each job temporarily, you are actually eligible for benefits if you work at least 20 hours per week through a staffing company. These benefits often include medical, dental, and vision, in addition to a 401K plan and holidays. After all, just because you don't have a full-time job in the traditional sense doesn't mean that you shouldn’t be taken care of by your employer.

Numerous Paycheck Options

As for your paycheck, the staffing company will likely provide you with a number of different options, depending on your personal preferences. In most cases, you can pick your check up at the office, have it mailed to you, or sign up for direct deposit. Once you sign up for direct deposit, the money will be placed directly into your account every payday.

Complete Preparation

The main worry that temporary employees have is that they won't be prepared for a particular job. Heading into a new office can be intimidating and if you don't believe that you have the necessary skills, it can become overwhelming. This is why good staffing firms work with you before you begin a new job. They will prepare you for the interview, making sure that you are placed in a job that you can handle, and will even help ease your transition into your new job by showing up with you.

Multiple Opportunities

The staffing firm will likely have a number of different opportunities available at any given time, giving you some choices. While you might start off as a temporary employee, you can choose to take on jobs that could lead to permanent employment in the future. Many organizations use staffing firms as a way of giving employees a tryout before making a full-time hire.

Equal Opportunities For All

Finally, staffing firms offer the same opportunities to everyone, regardless of skin color, gender, religion, or age. Your placement will depend entirely on your skills and qualifications. You are protected by the same laws that you would be as a full-time employee of an organization, so you don’t have to worry about inequality ruining your experience.

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