05 Feb 2018
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Direct Hire vs Contract To Hire Staffing Services

By lauren On February 5, 2018

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Are you anticipating hiring for multiple positions in the coming months (or sooner)? One thing you may be considering is whether to hire people directly or to opt for contract to hire. If contract to hire employment is unfamiliar, there are definitely some benefits to trying it out.  

Whatever option you choose. You may also be thinking of working with a staffing firm to assist. Or perhaps you already are working with one but are looking for outside options. Either way, when considering direct hire vs contract to hire staffing services, your choice comes down to what you want out of your employees and the resources that your company currently has available. 

Here's a quick dive into both options to help you on your way to deciding what's best for your business. 

Direct Hire

In a broad sense, staffing agencies typically do direct hire searches for mid-to-senior level roles. These tend to be slightly lengthier searches and strong candidates will often not be actively looking. If you're unsure whether or not you'd like to take a "try before you by approach", think about the skill level of the role. The most qualified candidates will typically only go for direct higher opportunities. There are always exceptions, of course, and this also varies by industry. IT and other specialized firms, for example, may do searches strictly for hard to find candidates with a particular skillset. In this case, people will often work on a longterm contract basis. 

Contract to Hire

Many companies use contract to hire for obvious reasons. Industries like construction and manufacturing often will recruit a high volume of candidates for production roles. These kinds of positions tend to have a higher rate of turnover and simply are more condusive to employing on a contract basis. Successful contractors may go on to be hired permanently and promoted upward in the organization. Administrative or entry level roles are also well suited for contract placement. This could be for a number of reasons such as only needing temporary assistance or seeing if someone has long-term potential with the organization. 

Making the Choice

Ultimately, some candidates might be unwilling to join your organization on a contract basis, while others will jump at the opportunity. It all comes down to what you and any potential candidates want from the relationship. Some roles are just better suited for contract (high-volume production, seasonal work, etc) whereas seasoned professionals are likely to go for direct hires. 

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