Employee Spotlight: Meet Darrius Hardrick!

By Lauren Gallagher On March 15, 2018

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In our latest installment of "Employee Spotlight" we're talking to TruPath Recruiter Darrius Hardrick! Darrius recently turned 30 and enjoys activities like bridge in his off time. He also practices a strict bed time of 6:30 PM (OK, the last two things may not be true, but they're up for debate).

So, who is Darrius? Let's get to know a bit about his role here as a recruiter, along with some other fun facts you may not know about him!

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

How did you find out about TruPath? During the process of applying for HR/Staffing opportunities, I was contacted by a recruiter, and offered the opportunity to take a course called RightSkill, which teaches you the basics and essentials of staffing. I then began doing research on different staffing agencies in the Phoenix area, and TruPath seemed to stand out amongst the crowd.

I enjoy working at TruPath because? The atmosphere is amazing, and there is such great chemistry with the team. We enjoy each other, and it makes working fun!

The TruPrinciple that speaks to me the most? Growth & Learning speaks to me the most. I always like to consider myself a life-long learner. In everything I do, I want to always give my best, so being more efficient or learning new ways to accomplish a task is always something that I am open to.

What advice do you have for an aspiring Recruiter? I would inform them to always be flexible, and try to become a sponge. There are so many different things that we work on, and allowing yourself to be flexible, and willing to learn new things can really help you be successful.

The most challenging part of my role is? I don’t think anything in particular is challenging, but I always try to manage my time better. When you’re busy it can be easy to get side tracked or distracted, so being able to manage all my tasks, and make the most of every minute I’m working is always something that I look to do.

One thing people don’t know about me? I secretly have always wanted to be a singer. I think singers are amazing. My voice is too deep for such things.

I am awesome because? I’m Darrius, duuh!!! LOL Seriously, I pride myself on my love of sports, music, gaining knowledge, and fun. Most of my friends know I’m the dependable one, or the shoulder to cry on in the hard times. So, pretty awesome indeed!

My first vehicle was? 1992 Lincoln Towncar

My happy place…. Beneath my headphones! Music is my happy place.

Above all others, this person inspires me the most? My mother has always been my inspiration. She’s always been the person to make the best out of the most difficult situations. Seeing that has always made me feel I can do anything.

My favorite food is?  Hot Wings

Why is TruPath special or how are we different? I think the process we take in searching for talent is what makes us different. We have the ability to effectively tailor our process to the role that we are looking to fill, and it helps us find those diamonds and quality candidates that others seem to overlook.

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