26 Sep 2017
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Sales Rep Qualities To Look For When Hiring

By TruPath On September 26, 2017

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Let's face it, sales is hard. Making a sale depends largely on a person's knowledge, temperament, and work ethic. Not everyone has all the sales rep qualities and characteristics required to succeed.

So what should you look for when hiring for this role? Screen for people that consistently demonstrate the following characteristics.

Excellent Sales Rep Qualities To Look For

Time management skills

The best sales reps manage their time effectively so that they have more time to spend getting a sale. Make sure your sales candidates have a proven track record of time management.


Do your sales candidates go above and beyond? Top-tier salespeople push for more people, clients, work, money, etc. In the interview, ask the candidate about a specific instance in which they went above and beyond for a client or a fellow team member.

Positive personality

One of the top sales rep qualities to seek in applicants? Getting along well with others. Does the candidate enjoy meeting new people and embrace the power of networking? In the interview, ask the candidate whether they've attended any recent local events or joined any relevant organizations. Salespeople usually love people, and it should be apparent that they draw energy from interactions with others.

Asks plenty of questions

Salespeople don't ask questions that focus just on data and numbers. They instead wish to know what the further implications may be.


A skilled salesperson has the ability to shift gears if a sale is not going the way they pictured. Instead of settling for “no” as an answer, they'll try out a unique approach to work toward a sale.

Independent worker

Since most salespeople earn commission, they must be independent. Look for people that require little outside motivation and essentially compete with themselves.

Takes initiative

Salespeople don’t wait around for orders. They take matters into their own hands. Does the candidate show discipline, and a history of staying on track?

They listen well

Some of the best sales reps ask their clients & customers why they want something done. When you listen intently, you find out what they need, and then understand how to make it happen. Where there's a great salesperson, there's a way!


Every sales rep needs to have thick skin. Confidence and persistence are keys to success. The average person appreciates a salesperson's kindness, so your candidates should work as hard as possible to secure a sale.


Some of the most successful sales reps practice this trait. This quality lies in those who take immense pride in their work, and who remain organized and work efficiently. As one of the top sales rep qualities to hire for, conscientiousness also means you keep pushing forward in your job, even when the going gets tough.

What other great sales rep qualities would you look for in new hires for your sales team? Let us know in the section below.

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