How to Hire a Strong Document Control Specialist

By Lauren Gallagher On July 24, 2017

hire a strong document control specialist

This past Spring, TruPath successfully recruited a Document Control Specialist for a Phoenix-based medical device manufacturer. This versatile role works well in a number of industries, including Finance, Construction, and Aerospace (to name a few!). While the position may be specialized or more general, there are several common traits to look for in the ideal candidate.

So what should you be on the lookout for when hiring a Document Control Specialist? Below is a good place to start.

Attention To Detail

With general responsibilities like quality assurance and preparing/editing business documents, attention to detail is an essential “soft skill." Assess their grammatical accuracy. For example, their usage of "your" and "you're." While it may seem unrelated, it's actually a great indicator of this. Also, how do they present themselves? Are they neatly dressed? A bit unkempt? Did they bring a notepad and pen to take notes?

A couple good question to assess further: Have they ever noticed a mistake that no one else caught? How did they find it? A Document Control Specialist should be focused on accuracy.

Have they visited your website? What was of interest to them? This is a great question to rule out candidates for a number of reasons. If they haven’t visited your site, they may just want a j-o-b, and aren’t concerned with the details.document control specialist

How Well Do They Work With People of All Levels?

People skills are important for this role. They will be dealing with customers on a daily basis. Document Control Specialists are also regularly communicating with team members and leaders to ensure they are up to speed on various processes.

In terms of customer service, they have to be able to quickly evaluate a customer’s needs and recommend the best course of action. Look for candidates that emphasize collaboration on their resumes, or at least speak to it. While this person will typically be an individual contributor, they are part of a larger process.

How Well Do They Work Independently?

Contrary to the last paragraph, this person needs to work well solo too. What’s more, they have to think quickly on their feet. These two traits don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If you want to simplify it to introverts and extroverts, both sides appreciate their alone and collaborative time. It comes down to where they get their energy from.

Also, look for examples on their LinkedIn page or resume that illustrate their initiative on solo projects. Words like “spearheaded, initiated, proposed” are good signs. These are clever ways of demonstrating one’s abilities as a “self-starter” without actually having to use that term.

Do They Operate Well Under a Deadline?

The ability to work well under pressure is crucial to this role. What’s more, the finished product needs to be thorough and accurate (again, attention to detail). Ask candidates to name a specific time they were under a strict deadline and how they approached it. You may even be able to gauge their abilities based on their initial reaction to the question. Is it challenging for them to answer? Or was it simple and straight forward?

Hopefully, these points get you on the right track for finding a successful document control specialist. The right candidate will be organized, proactive and work calmly under pressure.

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