How Staffing Agencies Save You Time

By Megan McQuade On June 19, 2018

It's NO SECRET that recruiting is time intensive. If you have full or partial responsibility for hiring in your organization, you know this first-hand. Wading through the resume pool can be summarized in two words - TIME CONSUMING!

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How Staffing Agencies Save You Time

Have you ever posted a position and been surprised at the amount of resumes that start pouring in? Many of which are not qualified... Or, lately, you may have noticed the opposite! You aren't getting many candidates to apply for your open roles - qualified or not.

You are looking for qualified candidates and TruPath suggests that staffing agencies can get you more candidates faster.

1. Recruiters leverage resources proactively

Recruiting is a full-time gig. Recruiters are successful because they do just that, RECRUIT! If you have partial or full responsibility for recruiting, you know it is time intensive - sourcing, screening, interviewing, submitting, providing feedback, offering, etc. At any given time a recruiter is partnering with several different hiring managers, working to fill multiple open roles, and communicating with dozens of candidates.

Staffing agency recruiters leverage multiple job board sites and databases. Job sites such as Indeed are helpful job posting tools - as is your website. But, their power does NOT lie here. Gone are the days of posting a position and hoping your IDEAL candidate stubbles upon it and applies.

A recruiter's strategy is proactive and targeted searching using these tools - reaching out to specific individuals working at specific organizations. The ideal candidate is probably employed and potentially working with your competitor. However, once an individual is contacted by a recruiter, that candidate begins to think about a next role if that thought process hasn't begun already.

2. Recruiters are compensated to fill

Staffing agency recruiters are experts at multi-tasking. They work with several clients on a variety of roles. Most of them not only enjoy working on multiple roles but thrive off the challenge. Agency recruiting is fast-paced and ever-changing because clients change often. One client may have a staffing need for a single high-level leadership role and another may have a recurring need for several production roles.

In general, agency recruiters are incentivized based on roles filled, so they are tenacious when it comes to filling a role. In a contingent-based model, recruiters are not compensated for filling that role until the firm receives payment from the client after successful placement. As you might imagine, this creates and environment of excellent customer service and efficiency.

While recruiters love "helping people," they enjoy the thrill of a hunt and work hard to find exactly what a client is looking for. Their compensation structure is designed complement and encourage this behavior.

3. Recruiters provide quality over quantity

Staffing agency recruiters have a process. As candidates move through the process, they are disqualified at different stages or pushed forward to the next. There are many candidates a client never sees. At TruPath, the recruiting process looks like this:

Client Discovery - recruiters get to know the company and the type of candidate hiring managers desire.

Collaboration & Strategy - recruiters partner with hiring managers on an interview process timeline and refine search tactics. Items such as qualifications and assessments are discussed.

Candidate Search - recruiters launch a search utilizing networks and online resources. Recruiters get to know a candidate before discussing a particular role or company to begin assessing "fit." Candidates may be disqualified at different stages of the recruiting process: pre-screen, phone screen, or face-to-face interview, 

Candidate Selection - once a recruiter has a candidate that is likely to be a good fit for the role and organization's need, the recruiter submits the candidate in writing to the client. The candidate then enters the client's hiring process. Depending on the role, recruiters may submit 3-5 candidates.

Client Decision - once a client chooses an ideal candidate, recruiters make an offer and negotiate terms if applicable.

As a trusted recruitment source for more than 15 years, recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate. Contact TruPath today to tell us about your staffing needs.

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