19 Sep 2017
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How To Promote Your Brand In The Community

By TruPath On September 19, 2017

how to promote your brand

Establishing a solid brand for your organization goes beyond your website. We've generated a helpful list of the best approaches to take in order to know how to promote your brand in the community.

How To Promote Your Brand In The Community

Attend events as a team

Team opportunities — such as community events or volunteer outings — are a great idea when it comes to how to promote your brand in the community. For instance, our team at TruPath has packed up food boxes at St. Mary's Food Bank and also participated in the 2017 Climb To Conquer Cancer in Phoenix. When attending these events, which hopefully align with your values and mission, you and your team might consider wearing T-shirts featuring your company logo.

Volunteering to help at events and joining committees boosts your business’s visibility in the community. It may seem overwhelming as everyone is busy enough as it is. But there are many opportunities that don’t entail sacrificing a huge chunk of time.

Get online

How diligently do you update your social media channels? This is branding 101 — it's important to keep your online presence up-to-date and relevant. Potential customers or business partners may look through your Facebook, Twitter, company LinkedIn pages, Instagram, etc. to learn more about your company, culture, and brand. If your company website has a blog, keep it populated with posts about your business and industry. Share photos on social media, too, to keep it visually interesting and brand-focused.

Join organizations in the community

From signing up for upcoming conferences to finding a network of like-minded professionals (even through LinkedIn Groups), there are plenty of great ways to get involved. The more you and your team reach out, the better branding you'll build. For instance, Team TruPath attended SHRM this year, and we recommend pairing your brand promotion efforts with recruiting.

Give individual attention to others in the community

If you want loyal customers, you need to give them great experiences. That means paying individual attention to others in order to make unique branding impressions. For example, go above and beyond during particularly difficult or unique customer service cases. Or, call out certain social media followers and promote their material from time to time to express your appreciation. Social media is a powerful tool; they will remember you!

Keep your networks in the know

Distribute email digests to your lists to notify them of new business developments, upcoming events you're attending, industry-related content, profiles of new team members, and so forth. This also goes for your team's LinkedIn profiles; share your brand's content to keep those in your circle in the loop.

Organizations small and large can employ these tips when it comes to learning how to promote your brand in the community. For more ways to get involved, visit TruPath's Community Events calendar.

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