11 Oct 2016
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How To Recruit Millennials In Oil & Gas

By TruPath On October 11, 2016

how to recruit millennials in oil and gas

The Millennial Generation has been labeled a lot in recent years—particularly pinning them for their reputation of job hopping. In the oil and gas industry, it takes reliable workers to do important work. Whether in North Dakota, Texas or other states with a high volume of jobs in this particular industry, we compiled some tips on how to recruit millennials in oil & gas.

How To Recruit Millennials In Oil & Gas: The Rundown

Of course, it's unfair to make a sweeping generalization about millennial workers. Each generation has its own evolution. Older generations were simply more likely to stick with one career or one company for a longer time than millennials tend to do.

Yearning For Appreciation

When learning how to recruit millennials in oil & gas work, remember that the Millennial Generation is sometimes referred to as "special snowflakes." They tend to crave praise for a job well done. The same goes for oil & gas industry roles. In order to attract and retain millennials, deliver a "pat on the back" as needed.

Millennials: Tendency To Avoid Blue-Collar Jobs

Millennials might also be less likely than previous generations to be drawn to blue-collar roles. When recruiting younger people for your oil and gas business, highlight stories of other successful millennials within the industry. If you promote those stories, your target demographic can realize how a culture of safety and a potential for climbing the ranks makes oil and gas an appealing career choice. One of the best methods of how to recruit millennials in oil & gas is visiting college campuses (whether community or university). Interact directly with students and educate them about your industry. Millennials prove more inclined to seek work under superiors approachable for mentorship and advice. They're less likely to gravitate toward a business run by a more distant managerial figure.

Highlight Safety

This industry has often been notorious for risky or dangerous working conditions. Thus, younger generations may be less likely to leap into an industry of such physical risk. That means you should make safety measures clear and elevate their importance in attracting millennials to oil & gas jobs.

Appeal To Millennial Habits 

The oil and gas industry itself has to consider the differences between millennials and older generations—whether that means they're spending less time sticking to one workplace, expecting appreciation from superiors, or requiring higher safety standards.

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