13 Mar 2017
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How To Stay Motivated During A Job Search

By TruPath On March 13, 2017

how to stay motivated during a job search

Stuck in an unmotivated unemployed slump? It’s no secret that searching for a job can be frustrating or disheartening, especially as rejections or other roadblocks like debt or finances accumulate. Wondering how to stay motivated during a job search? Check out TruPath's tips below for some fresh inspiration and novel ideas to keep you moving along.

How To Stay Motivated During A Job Search

Keep a Good To-Do List

General and non-specified tasks like “search LinkedIn,” or “revamp resume” can blur together and feel unproductive and extremely monotonous. Try writing a to-do list for each day, encompassing specified tasks and things you’re hoping to accomplish. For example, “on Monday, I will compose and send out these cover letters and emails,” “on Tuesday I will research companies on Crunchbase and Glassdoor,” “on Wednesday I will attempt to connect with professionals on LinkedIn that I found on Tuesday,” and so on. Setting limits and goals for yourself will likely help you stay motivated during your job search. You’ll feel better and more productive overall when you’re able to check tangible things off your to-do list.

Take Breaks — But Not Too Many

Staring into the blue light on your computer for hours on end can be incredibly draining and potentially damaging. Bouncing between interviews, emails, and phone calls is just plain exhausting. Schedule time during your search to recharge. Everyone is different when it comes to attention span. Working out can be a great way to get ideas flowing (yep, there's actually research behind that!) Or maybe some downtime with a cup of tea and a book are your idea of a break. It’s important to incorporate self-care into your job searching routine to help you feel your best and stay motivated.

Switch Up The Scenery

Wondering how to stay motivated during a job search? To help keep your pace, try to occasionally change the scenery in which you are searching for a job. Maybe search from home on some days, and on others take your laptop to a coffee shop, cafe, or library. Only you know what kind of environment you work best in but working in a new one every so often can help ensure you remain motivated.

Ask for Help

Don’t be too proud to ask peers or colleagues for help. It’s very common to ask someone to read over your resume or CV before you send it off, or even have someone conduct a mock interview with you. Getting a second opinion can be extremely useful, and receiving constructive criticism is only going to help you improve and give you a better shot at landing the job you’re searching for. Furthermore, your friends want to see you succeed, so checking in with them for help and reassurance during your job search can be motivating and gratifying.

Get Inspired

Who or what inspires you professionally, and why? Think about what makes you successful, and why that inspires you and excites you about your work. Get excited about what you’re doing and remind yourself to approach your job search, and future job, with passion, dedication, and purpose. Reminding yourself of what inspires you and why you’re doing what you’re doing is a great way to help you stay motivated.

Searching for a job is difficult, but has the potential to be incredibly rewarding. Hopefully these tips help you to hang in there and stay motivated throughout the process. Do you have other tips for how to stay motivated during a job search? Let us know!

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