Your Mentorship Program is a Method to Attract Talent

By Megan McQuade On December 7, 2018

Does your organization offer a mentorship program for new or tenured employees? Many companies find that this type of program is a low-cost method to attract, develop and retain talented professionals.

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Your Mentorship Program is a Method to Attract Talent

As a recruiting firm, we talk with 100's of professionals each month. When asking these individuals what they are looking for (or in some cases expect) from their next role and company, mentorship and development top the list. Many companies offer formal or informal mentorship programs. However, not many promote them during the hiring process. Furthermore, there is often NO external promotion of mentorship programs.

3 Ways to Promote Your Organization's Mentorship Program 

Branding is an important part of attraction. Customer attraction is critical. But, don't forget about employee attraction as well! The online sources you are promoting your products and services on are also great places to broadcast your culture and benefits. We discuss three ways to promote your mentorship program below.


Many companies do an excellent job of promoting products and services in an easily digestible format via their website. Ex: I need a cell phone. After looking at AT&T's website, pictures clearly show me cell phone options for purchase. Can the same be said if I'm a potential employee? 

It's important that a potential employee walks away from your website with an understanding of your culture. Candidates want to learn more about your company culture - organizational size and footprint, corporate environment and workspace, company programs and perks (mentorship program), and social responsibility. AT&T dedicates a section of its website to #LifeAtATT. It highlights benefits and rewards, company culture, diversity & inclusion, and employee stories.

Social Media Pages

Social media marketing has grown in popularity over the years. Social media is an effective way to promote real-time, frequent snapshots of your company's culture. Frequent social updates show candidates and customers that you practice the values you promote. While a website gives a candidate an overview of a company's culture, social media shows authenticity by allowing individuals to scroll through a timeline of events, pictures and posts.

Ex: TruPath, a national recruiting firm, values community partnership (one of TruPath's five TruPrinciples). The TruPath blog and TruPath's LinkedIn page highlight recent company involvement from volunteerism to knowledge transfer. You will find similar posts on TruPath's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. What social media platforms is your organization using? Are your values easily translated in the posts? Furthermore, is your organization's mentorship program part of your social approach? Tip: post where your potential customers and candidates hang out.

Job Posting

Gone are the days of long, mundane job postings. Today, job postings look more like job advertisements. It's important to list the job requirements but also give candidates a snapshot of your company's culture. Today, more than ever, candidates are looking for the "right fit." This has been a company strategy for many years, but it has been adopted by candidates too. Candidates begin assessing your organization well before you begin assessing their hard and soft skills. It all comes back to brand experience!

Want more information on creating candidate friendly job postings? Learn more about how to create attractive job postings HERE.

We would love to see your examples of how you share your organization's mentorship programs! Do you highlight your mentorship program on your company website, social media platforms or job postings? Please don't hesitate to share below.

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