31 Jul 2017
By Megan McQuade Posted in hiring, Interviews

Recruiting Tips for Success: Personas

By Megan McQuade On July 31, 2017

recruiting tips for success

Let's talk about recruiting tips for success...

If you are an HR professional or a hiring manager, you may be asking yourself if you can handle your organization's hiring needs or if it's time to ask for help. After all, the goal is successful hires. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help! I have been in your shoes... still am, in fact! I have also worked with recruiters in various industries. What I have realized over time is that I do not have the level of skill and expertise that a recruiter has. It's a full-time job for a reason! So, I ask for help. Because of this, I want to share with you some recruiting tips I have learned.

Below, you will find recruiting tips for success in the form of Recruiter Personas. Regardless of whether you are recruiting or you are leaning on a recruiter for support — the recruiter should possess the following four personas.

Recruiter Personas:

Brand Ambassador:

Recruiters may be the first or second impression a candidate has of your brand. It's critical that this interaction appropriately represents your company. A candidate will likely adopt behavior as learned throughout the recruiting process. In turn, the candidate will naturally consider working with someone like your recruiter. Let me ask you this… Do you want to work with your recruiter? I hope you said YES!

Captain Communication:

Recruiters are the main point of contact for candidates throughout the recruiting process. Candidates expect to be informed, and time is of the essence! Frequent follow-up is simply a recruiting best-practice (between both hiring managers and candidates). Strong recruiters will also hold you accountable. Nothing is worse than losing a great candidate because another company has swooped in. Remember, the market is extremely competitive right now.

Master of the Craft:

Recruiters’ skills are honed over time. Your recruiter should know how to source, search, and interview. Simple, right? Wrong. Sourcing is more than knowing how to log into a job board and wade in the résumé pool. It involves dissecting data efficiently. And, interviewing is a blend of preparation, effective communication skills, and skills assessment. Not only this, but your recruiter must be extremely calibrated with your hiring manager(s). Misalignment is frustrating to all parties involved.

Bad News Bear:

Recruiters love sharing good news; it's what makes the job fun. But don’t forget about the bad news they routinely deliver. You may never see the hours of work a recruiter has put into any given search. Remember, you are seeing a few candidates, but several have been sourced, screened and disqualified before they ever arrive in your inbox. These steps are critical. Your recruiter should provide appropriate feedback to your candidates. Even though the recruiting process may be ending, the candidate should walk away with a positive brand experience!

We would love to hear from you. Are there any other personas that you think are crucial? Or do you have additional recruiting tips for success? Let us know below!

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