18 May 2018
By Megan McQuade Posted in Jobs, Community Partnership, Networking

Supporting Contact Center

By Megan McQuade On May 18, 2018

Phoenix is taking a unique approach to supporting contact centers in the Valley. The business community is coming together to collaborate! Are you interested in a contact center career? Are you a contact center leader looking for talent? If so, keep reading!

Supporting Contact Center

Advanced Business Services Sector Partnership (ABS)

ABS is a "contact center industry-led, community-supported collaboration, dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of service centers" in Greater Phoenix. ABS offers job seekers a one-stop shop to browse current contact center openings via LocalWork.com. ABS also offers industry leaders an avenue for collaborating. Bimonthly, industry leaders and support partners gather to discuss industry challenges. Strategies develop from these meetings to overcome these challenges. ABS has three committees focused on collaboration, commitment to action, and mutual trust.

Branding & Awareness

ABS members serve on a voluntary basis collaborating for the good of the contact center industry. The industry offers many opportunities. Not only does the industry teach valuable soft and hard skills, but it offers a variety of career pathways for a long lucrative career. Because contact centers exist across several different industries, exploring opportunities can be difficult. So, ABS created a website full of resources for job seekers, hiring managers, and ABS partners. Online, you will find current open opportunities in Greater Phoenix, current ABS partners, and additional ways to get involved with ABS. ABS welcomes anyone passionate about contact center to join this unique collaboration. Current members include directors, recruiters, HR professionals, economic development professionals, workforce supervisors, etc.

Career Path Mapping

Did you know Gateway Community College has a Certified Contact Center Preparation Certificate? This means, an individual can take a 4-week course to learn foundational skills for success in the contact center environment. "The competencies have a heavy concentration on the interpersonal skills necessary to provide consistent, quality service... Technical skills are developed on a state of the art cloud based telecommunication platform, which allows you the opportunity to understand how to communicate through various modalities." Companies have the ability to partner with GCC for a talent pipeline resource. Many contact centers are also establishing internship programs with local non-profits and community partners to educate students and disadvantaged individuals on the opportunities contact centers have to offer using hands-on application. 

Talent Referral Network

Talent assessment today is as much about "fit" as it is skill. Can you imagine a world where your competitors send you highly qualified candidates that don't fit into their culture? Let's face it, each culture is unique! And, not fitting, isn't bad. Some companies even prefer that someone doesn't fit - it's a hiring strategy. The point is, highly qualified candidates are turned down for roles daily. They then continue their job searching efforts. Through ABS, contact center leaders support each other by telling candidates to check out the postings on the ABS website. Just because they don't fit into X company, doesn't mean that they shouldn't check out Y. This takes community partnership to a whole new level!

If you would like to learn more about ABS, contact a member of the team.

TruPath is a proud ABS member. As a trusted recruitment source for more than 15 years, recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate. Contact TruPath today to tell us about your staffing needs. 

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