10 Apr 2017
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Tackling The Job Search After 50: Top Tips

By TruPath On April 10, 2017

tackling the job search after 50

Entering (or re-entering) the workforce later in life can be challenging. How can one tackle the job search after 50, when employers may be targeting younger candidates? We have gathered some useful tips on how to approach the job hunt during this period in life.

Tackling The Job Search After 50


Throughout your life, you’ve likely grown a professional network. Try reaching out to some connections in your circle to see if they know of any job openings or career paths for you. At any age, networking is key when looking for work. The experience can often lead to some great references and referrals.


Consider your personal interests when approaching a job search after 50. No longer do you necessarily need to worry about a large, looming, 40-year career ahead of you. Now, you can focus on something that aligns with the interests and skills you’ve acquired through the years.

Highlight The Benefits of Your Age

Leverage your age as an asset! You have years of experience and thus the potential to excel in a new role. Explain in the interview that you have experienced a wide range of workplace situations -- uncomfortable interactions, leadership changes, successful projects, and so forth. Therefore, you can easily and effectively apply those learning lessons to a new position. Many job seekers over 50 may also have trouble with new technology, so highlight the fact that you are a quick learner and are not intimidated by technology. You might even brush up on some basic online tools, or search for an online class you can take to stay up-to-date.

Culture Fit

It’s completely OK to eliminate resume experience more than 10 years old, as well as the years you attended college. Most employers are solely interested in your current skills and whether or not you can get the job done. When sprucing up the resume, emphasize your skills, with solid examples, and how these match the requirements of the job.

It’s also crucial to position yourself as a true team player. A younger manager might express concerns about managing someone the age of their parent, or they might feel an older applicant won’t be able to jive with a younger team. Organizations seek team players, regardless of age. Show that you're a team player that doesn't have a problem taking direction from younger colleagues. 

The Interview

Many seasoned professionals avoid regular interviews by receiving promotions over time. As a result, they may be rusty when it comes to this crucial skill. The interview allows you to connect with the employer, sell yourself and prove you have the dedication for the work. You’ll probably need to work a little harder than your younger competitors to show that you’ll do well at the organization, so think carefully about how you wish to be perceived. Then, practice.

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