22 Jul 2019

The Inner Workings of a Recruiting Firm's Database

By Megan McQuade On July 22, 2019

Occasionally, as a Recruiting Firm, we get a request from an employer to "send over X (a certain...

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10 Aug 2017

The Benefits of Having an Up-to-Date LinkedIn Profile

By TruPath On August 10, 2017

LinkedIn, or "professional Facebook", is nothing short of a necessity in today’s professional...

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24 Apr 2017

How Long Should A Resume Be?

By TruPath On April 24, 2017

Job seekers are constantly asking this crucial question — 'How long should a resume be?' While...

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13 Apr 2017

Asking Someone To Be A Reference: What You Should Know

By TruPath On April 13, 2017

When applying for a job, it’s likely you will need someone to provide a reference for you. After...

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28 Jul 2016

The 9 Worst Resume Lies Of All Time

By TruPath On July 28, 2016

An employer can usually sniff out a resume fib in no time. Yet, not all of the following worst...

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18 Jul 2016

The 5 Best Ways To Assess Job Candidates From Tons Of Resumes

By TruPath On July 18, 2016

Are you overwhelmed with the hiring process?

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04 May 2016

Why You Need To Go Beyond The Resume

By lauren On May 4, 2016

The first known resume that appeared in human history came in the year 1482, when Leonardo da...