09 Feb 2015
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How To Tell If A Candidate Is Right For Your Culture

By lauren On February 9, 2015

How To Tell If A Candidate Is Right For Your Culture

Even the most talented employee could struggle if he or she is not the right cultural fit. We see this on sports teams all the time, as a disgruntled player can create issues for coaches and teammates, causing the team to fail. The same can be said for other workplaces, as a single personality can make the workplace environment inhospitable. When making a hire, consider every candidate's personality and evaluate whether he or she will fit in with the rest of your staff.

Here's how to tell if a candidate is right for your culture:

Personality Fits

Creating a culture within the workplace is all about managing personalities so that the team functions as a cohesive unit. When even a single personality does not fit in with the rest of the team, conflict is sure to follow. Therefore, when hiring for culture, it is vital that the candidate’s personality fits in with the rest of your employees. You can get a pretty good grasp of the person during the interview process, especially if you ask questions that create an emotional response in the interviewee.

Keeps Up With Pace

The pace within your workplace is part of its culture and if a prospective employee cannot keep up, he or she is likely to fail. During the interview, ask your candidate about his or her most significant accomplishment while in the workforce. This should give you a good idea of how the candidate functions under pressure, how he or she makes decisions, and how quickly this person can adapt. A worker who is too fast or too slow for your workplace environment will probably struggle.

Is Trainable

Many businesses now hire based on cultural fit, rather than skills. This ensures that there is little workplace conflict and creates a harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, any new hire must have the ability to do the job at a high level, even if additional training is required. Before hiring a new employee, make sure that he or she is willing to learn and can handle the job once the proper training is provided. After all, there is no point in hiring someone if that person cannot handle the workload.

Good Communicator

The type of communication that you use within the office is important when selecting your ideal candidate. If verbal communication is the most widely used within your workplace, it is essential that any new employee has a firm grasp of the language and can communicate efficiently. Likewise, some organizations communicate largely through email, in which case it is imperative that the employee has solid writing skills.

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