TruPath Hikes for the Homeless in Support of St. Joseph The Worker

By Lauren Gallagher On March 5, 2018

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The TruPath team, along with some friends and family, met this past Saturday, March 3, at Papago Park. We took the time out on the weekend for a beautiful red rock Hike For the Homeless in support of St. Joseph the Worker.  Our founder and CEO, Ryan Nouis, is on their Advisory Board and a longtime partner of the organization. Their mission is to aid disadvantaged individuals in helping them secure long-term employment. This walk is their primary fundraiser.

While the TruPath group opted to hike at Papago, other supporters gathered at other locations in The ValleyWe started the morning with delicious (and hearty!) breakfast burritos from Los Favoritos (kindly supplied by our General Manager, Rick Gonzales!). Once well fueled up, we headed out for a just under 2.5 miles loop around the park. It was a pleasantly crisp day without a cloud in the sky. Everyone was happy to spend some time in the fresh air, get a little exercise, and support a wonderful cause. 

Check out some pictures of the day, below! 

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