What Candidates are Looking for on a Company's Website

By Megan McQuade On April 29, 2019

Recruiters speak to 100's of candidates each month. During these conversations, they're discussing a company's products/services, mission & values, and unique culture. From there, candidates generally take this information and immediately move to the internet (if they haven't done so already) to research the company on their own.

What Candidates are Looking for on Your Website

What Candidates are Looking for on a Company's Website

TruPath, a National Recruiting Firm, has collected feedback and comments from 100's of candidates. Below, you will find the top three topics candidates are looking for on a company's website. Proper spelling and functioning hyperlinks aren't mentioned below. However, those are gotta haves! 

1. Updated Content

Website photoWhat Candidates are Looking for on a Company's WebsiteYou may be thinking... Duh!

You might be surprised at the number of companies who have a stale online presence. Often, this is unintentional. Marketing and brand strategy take continuous time and effort. And, if a company isn't focused on attracting talent or driving sales with online resources, website updates may not be a priority. However, site audits are not only recommended, but they're also critical for your brand.

Potential candidates and clients ARE looking at a company's online presence. A google search is one of the first actions many people take when researching. Below are a few tips that will ensure a positive experience with your company's website.

Relevant pictures and pages - avoid too many words or unrelated photos

Vivid pictures attract the eye and short concise verbiage keeps attention on the topic. Old, unformatted pictures are off-putting to potential candidates.

You don't want to give the impression that you still do things because that's the way it's always been done.... Potential applicants should leave your website feeling a positive emotion - excitement, curiosity, hope, etc. ➡️Can they see themselves being a part of your brand?

Current blog posts and updated open positions

Potential candidates go straight to a website's news section and/or blog to see what a company has been up to. Blog posts that aren't routinely updated give a bad impression. If the last blog is from 1 year ago, it causes concern. The candidate begins to wonder... Do they not have anything blog-worthy to share???

A common source of frustration for candidates is the Careers page of a company's website. They look to see what positions are open and where they're located. A candidate is curious about essential job duties and company benefits. The frustration occurs when job descriptions are not up-to-date, benefits information can't be found, and positions are listed but already filled. This section should always be current!

Company contact and location information

Companies should make it easy for potential candidates and customers alike to reach them via email, phone or physical location (if this is an option). Post these details loud and proud! A person should not have to hunt for them. It causes candidates to wonder why a company doesn't want to be found.... Are they avoiding customer inquiries?

2. Interactive Material

Product PhotoWhat Candidates are Looking for on a Company's WebsitePeople digest content in different ways. Offering a variety of ways for a person to learn about your company is highly effective. Interactive features also make your company "real." It gives a person a chance to hear from and/or see actual employees. A chance to view actual products. Or, even a chance to speak to a company representative via chat.

Below are recommended features that individuals are looking for on your website:

Company explanation - quick and easy brand understanding

A potential candidate should have no issue understanding what your company does. It's surprising how often this occurs... Make your product/service, mission, and expertise clear for any visitor to your site. Having photos of your leadership team is very helpful as well. Biography links are a plus!

Many companies use an About, History, and/or Services tab to answer common questions and explain the company's story using photos, video, and demos.

Brief videos

Consider explaining your company's mission, your products/services and/or give testimonials via video. This provides a captivating way for someone to learn more about your company and the individuals working there. Candidates are more likely to watch a short, captivating video than read an entire wordy webpage.

Case Studies and attention-grabbing photos

Highlight what your company does well (social media), customer success stories (website quotes), provide value-add content (blog), etc. This acts as positive press and is often a learning opportunity for the reader. Not to mention, many of these modes allow likes, shares, and comments. Many candidates and customers are curious. You have the opportunity to create content for them. They're on your website. Don't forget that you control what they see....

3. Social Linking

What Candidates are Looking for on a Company's WebsiteOne of the best ways for candidates to get a feel for a company's culture is to check out their social media accounts. Many companies provide links to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts from their website.

Often, social media sites feature company news, announcements, events, and employees. Have a presence on the social platforms where your potential employees and customers hang out. The ones that make sense for your business of course!

Use social media to highlight updates that are important to your business and people.

Volunteerism and social responsibility events

Potential employees are curious about your corporate social involvement. They want to know what causes you support and where employees volunteer their time.

Corporate news and celebrations

Product launches, expansions, anniversaries, holiday events, and team gatherings are popular posting topics. A sneak peek into your corporate environment is very helpful.

Employee recognition and team member updates (promotions, etc.)

Companies often utilize these forums to recognize achievements and celebrate milestones.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful as you focus on attracting talent. We would love to hear your tips if you have additional ones to share.

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