09 May 2016
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Why Company Culture Makes Jobs Meaningful

By TruPath On May 9, 2016

Why Company Culture Makes Jobs Meaningful

Company culture is becoming more and more widely discussed in recent years. The reality is, culture is what goes on around you every day. Is there music playing in the office? Is the design open and kinetic or quiet and heads down? These all are things that make some people thrive and others cringe. That's why culture is so crucial. It's your day-to-day environment. After all, the majority of our waking hours are spent at work. 

Why Company Culture Matters

The values, expectations and working environment of a company all contribute to its culture—and without a positive one, your job will feel much less meaningful and productivity will plummet. Happy employees are productive employees, and a workplace with minimal recognition of hard work, positivity and diversity will quickly drain the inspiration for employees to thrive.

Of course, there are measures a business can implement to spice up company culture if it’s missing something that creates meaning for employees—and subsequently for the business.

How to Promote a Positive Company Culture

What Motivates your people?

The first step toward creating a strong company culture is figuring out what motivates employees to succeed. Celebrating birthdays as a team, thanking those for their hard work where appreciation is due, goal setting, regular meetings to check in on progress—all of these have the power to support both a happy and lucrative working environment.

Diversity is a good thing!

Having a strong coroprate culture doesn't mean your business should lack diversity. Diverse minds and talents contribute the most to a company; a mix of working styles and personality qualities will deliver a healthy and much-needed variety of contributors in the workplace. It’s also imperative to make new team members feel welcome from the start—perhaps a group lunch outing, or a company-branded trinket waiting at the desk—something to make another asset to the company feel like one.

Create an environment of open communication

Checking in regularly and welcoming an open discussion on employee concerns or suggestions have proven crucial to an excellent company culture. If attitudes of coworkers have soured, they must be addressed and mended not with passive aggressiveness, but through a calm, straightforward chat. Employees who feel they have no outlet to express their thoughts will find themselves ensnared in a poor company culture—one that lacks gestures of employee appreciation and one that needs to embrace open communication.

Give credit when it's due

If your company culture needs a revival, remember to recognize and reward great work. Keep tabs on team and individual progress, but don’t micromanage. One reason why company culture dissolves is due to hovering, nitpicky or unappreciative upper management.

Work-life balance is crucial

Because happy employees are the most productive ones, instilling a work-life balance for employees will also boost workplace life. Even the simple allowance of a few work-from-home days could drastically improve company culture. In the physical workspace, something as simple as décor, including desk photos, indoor plants, an area with lounging seats and balloons for employee birthdays, could entirely revamp the working atmosphere.

At TruPath, we take an elevated approach to talent search, going beyond the resume and focusing on candidates that will be a cultural fit for our individual clients.

By strategically searching for individuals with the requisite personality, character and values, in addition to the necessary hard skills, we are successful in finding candidates who are a TruFit. Contact TruPath today to learn more about how we help clients find culturally aligned leadership talent.

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