20 May 2016
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Why You Should Do A Culture Fit Assessment In Your Hiring Process

By lauren On May 20, 2016

why do a culture fit assessment in your hiring process

A culture fit assessment is essentially a means of weighing candidates (or current employes) against your internal culture. Of course, prior to doing this, you need to take an objective assessment of your corporate environment. Once you're at that point, you'll want to formulate a list of interview questions that help determine how someone might align with your company's vibe. 

Inline image 1At TruPath, we conduct cultural assessments as part of our candidate discovery process. These cultural assessments give our recruitment team information about a candidate's predictive behaviors and how they align with a company's culture.

Why do a cultural assessment in your hiring process? Here are a few of our favorite reasons.

It helps protect team morale

The last thing anyone wants to walk into every day is a toxic work environment. If you're meeting with a candidate and feel that they could be corrosive to that, your gut instinct is probably right. This goes doubly so for a boutique or start-up environment. In smaller companies, a kink in the cultural fabric can really derail an otherwise productive workplace. 

Candidates that show enthusiasm for your corporate values and are also adaptable (one of the key behavioral traits to look for) will help your team progress. It all comes down to morale. If you're hiring for a leadership role, even more so. An office with healthy morale is the kind of spot people want to show up to every day - and they'll do their best work in order to stay there. 

Culture is a shared journey.

There are a lot of poor definitions of what company culture really is. Companies may think they have culture because they have core values. One of our favorite definitions of culture is that "culture is an agreement on a destination."

Think about it. Your company has a mission about where it wants to go. Candidates have a personal mission as well. How do those journeys align, and can the two of you join up to share that journey together?

A cultural assessment reveals a candidate's mission of where they want to go. When considering cultural fit, there are not too many things more important than ensuring your missions align.

Culture is about differences.

What truly makes your company unique? What truly makes your candidate unique?

By "unique," we're talking about the stuff that falls into the "5% category." The stuff that 95% of the other candidates or companies can't claim as their own. The stuff that goes against the norm. The stuff that makes you different.

For example, does everyone at your company have a private office? In today's work world, that is unique and part of your culture. Or, does everyone at your company wear a t-shirt and tennis shoes to work? That might be unique if you are an industry like banking, but for startups, not so much. 

Cultural assessments discover what sets candidates apart, and how that blends with your workplace. They go beyond the resume to see how their quirkiness and attributes align with the things that make your company stand out in the industry.

At TruPath, we take an elevated approach to talent search, going beyond the resume and focusing on candidates that will be a cultural fit for our individual clients.

By strategically searching for individuals with the requisite personality, character and values, in addition to the necessary hard skills, we are successful in finding candidates who are a TruFit. Contact TruPath today to learn more about how we help clients find culturally aligned leadership talent.

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