Why Recruiters Love LinkedIn

By Megan McQuade On July 23, 2018

On the surface, LinkedIn is a place to build and engage with your professional network. But, it is also THE PLACE to be if you are recruiting talent.

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TruPath recruiters discuss why they love using LinkedIn Recruiter - a LinkedIn product. 

1. Why do you enjoy using LI a recruiting tool?

"LinkedIn is a good way to leverage social media to find professional/higher level candidates, as opposed to Facebook or other social media sites." 

"LinkedIn allows for very efficient interactions with a personal touch. For example, I just reached out to a maintenance manager of a plant that will be shutting down early next year. He wants to stay with his company until the closure, but he knows he and his team will be job hunting in the future (future pipeline). It would be easy to forget our conversation if I just saved a resume. By connecting on LinkedIn, it is easy for either of us to reach out to the other. I can also set a notification, so I can follow up at the right time."
"I enjoy the ease of usage and straightforwardness of the LinkedIn platform. Each profile follows a similar format, which makes it easy for me, as a recruiter, to know where to look for particular information."
"LinkedIn is the primary social media outlet that is focused on professionals, their profiles, backgrounds, etc. For the most part, it's all business. It's the ideal place to network professionally online and many of the connections I have made on LI have lead to real business opportunities, new clients and actual placements/revenue and income."

2. What is your favorite LI feature?

"My favorite LinkedIn feature is the display when it provides a list of search results. On other sites, I have to load a new page to get a summary of a person's job history. On LI, it's displayed immediately on LinkedIn, so it speeds up sourcing."
"A simple favorite feature is the availability of profile pictures and notifications that indicate who on my team has already viewed the candidate’s profile. This not only helps put a face to a name, but it helps a recruiter keep track of the people that they have already reached out to."
"My favorite feature is the search engine in LinkedIn Recruiter. It is an excellent resource and offers several advanced search options. I think one could literally source, recruit, and place candidates using only LI Recruiter."
"LinkedIn Recruiter offers a very large number of search criteria that allows you to really narrow down a search to a fine point, or run a more unconventional search. You can find candidates only from big companies, with XYZ job function, graduation years, etc."

3. What is one LI tip you would like to share that might help other recruiters or hiring managers? 

"Viewing the search insights can give you valuable information from your search results. For example, what companies or schools might be producing a lot of candidates with the desired qualifications." 

"Personalize your messages when reaching out to candidates. We all know that the first prerequisite to hiring someone is sparking their interest. Your odds of getting a reply go up exponentially with personalization. This not only helps establish a relationship with the candidate going forward, but it illustrates that you as a recruiter or hiring manager have spent time studying their profile, and are genuinely interested in helping them find the next great opportunity."

"Keep your profile professional, your posts consistent, continually build your network, reach out often, and keep your "likes" and "shares" active."

"When you're searching LinkedIn profiles, don't limit yourself to those who are 'Open to new opportunities'. Frequently, passive candidates will be open to the right opportunity..." 

Hopefully, you find these LinkedIn tips helpful. Do you have any tips to share with us? We would love to hear them!

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