11 May 2018
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Workplace Romance

By Megan McQuade On May 11, 2018

Faux pas topic or no?! Come on... Let's talk about it!

Workplace Romance (1)

Workplace Romance

It's no secret that recruiters are match-makers. Daily, recruiters are identifying ideal candidates and introducing them to new opportunities. When a match is made, recruiters are front and center for the celebration. 

According to Bustle, at work is one of the top 5 places to meet a spouse - coming in at #4. It's no wonder as most people connect around their passions. Work falls into that category and becomes a commonplace between people. It's not only romantic relationships that are created at work, lasting friendships blossom often. 

TruPath is not promoting workplace romance. We believe that conduct in the workplace should be appropriate, and there are always lines. But, let's be real! Some couples meet at work. This is exactly the case for two of our candidates.

Our Love Story:

Chris McKay, Senior Recruiter, has been with TruPath since 2010 and recruiting for over 10 years. He has built long-lasting relationships with TruPath clients and candidates alike. Chris' motto is "connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary opportunity." And, he excels at doing this across several different industries. Recently, Chris found out that two candidates he placed at the same client two years apart got married! Imagine his excitement! And, his subsequent head scratch as to why he wasn't invited to the wedding.... 🤔😂

On a serious note, the news brought a huge smile to Chris' face. He says, "This event definitely tops my list! Talk about connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary opportunity!" Chris sourced, screened, interviewed, and placed both candidates into roles that were the "right fit" for each of them at different times in their careers. During the recruiting process, a recruiter gets to know a candidate well and becomes invested in their hopes, dreams, plans, etc. These two candidates were no exception! Both have moved up into management roles within the company and stay in contact with Chris.

How is it possible that Chris played a part in true love over the course of so many years? It's all about positive relationships! Chris has had a quote on the TruPath website for years. The quote refers to our TruPrinciple of Client Advocacy. According to Chris, "Keeping our clients best interest in mind is important. At the end of the day it is important to keep in mind the reason they have hired us, to find the best quality candidates quickly and to make the process as seamless as possible on their end.Because Chris continues to find our client the right (best) talent, that client continues to partner with Chris for each new need spanning over years.

Are you a candidate seeking a new opportunity or a potential client looking for a recruiting partner? If so, a member of our team with the same level of passion as Chris would love to speak to you!

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